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Online Song Lyrics is the most prominent collection of lyrics and music knowledge(where visitors can search and print the song lyrics). The Online Song Lyrics visitors can pick a track, immediately view its lyrics, watch YouTube videos, and find information about the artist and the style of music one performs. To facilitate your navigation experience, you can use a filter by genre, by top songs, artists or albums for a certain period, and a standard search.


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The website has a vast amount of lyrics in stock, and the number is continually growing day by day. The artists or bands are put in alphabetical order by their names. But if the users are looking for a particular song or artist, they can put it in the search bar at the top of the resource front page, and they will see artist results, album results, and song results.

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There are various versions of lyrics, and users can choose their favorite one, send through Email or print it. At the bottom of each lyric, users can find some info about the required song (the artist, album, release year, etc.) and acknowledgments. In case users find any errors or mistakes in the lyrics, they can submit corrections. Online Song Lyrics also post news and write reviews of music.